Josephine's Litter, Born 10/1/03

Alika's Josephine Pernel of Oakshade

Black & White "Jo" or "Jobean" as we call her affectionately, was mated in Atlanta, Georgia, with Barbara Ferrigno's Pili Pili of Goor (a Malagasy imported Coton de Tulear). Josephine is our matron. She is shown above right before her flight to Georgia. Jo was accompanied in the cabin by our colleague and fellow CTCA Code of Ethics Breeder, CC Spiliotis-Hill of Crabapple Crossings Cotons [NOTE: "it takes a cooperative village to manage a Coton de Tulear gene pool."].

Josephine rules our home and is my (RJR) number one companion. Josie is one of the last pups whelped at Oakshade Kennel (1975-1995). Some of you may recall her as a young Coton in photographs in the First Edition of "The Official Coton de Tulear Book" where she is perched on my shoulder many years ago (1995). Jo has produced many fine, healthy pups. She has, of course, passed all her health examinations and is herself a superb example of a long-lived, healthy Malagasy Coton. As a canine geneticist would say: if you want to breed long-lived pups, breed older, healthy parents! This may well be her last litter. She had an exciting trip down to and then back from Atlanta with CC Spiliotis-Hill and was eager to mate with our own stud (Rossy) when she returned home. She didn't, of course. But one thing is certain: her energy level today is virtually as high as it was in her youth. I'd love to know how she accomplishes that.

On Wednesday, October 1st, with her typical consummate birthing ease, Jo had three healthy male puppies:

  • 8:35PM - Grommet, a Tri-color male, 7.5 oz
  • 9:24PM - Grimmy, a White male, 8.9 oz
  • 9:53PM - Dogbert, a White male,7.2 oz

Once again, all pups here were given preliminary names (their new owners may elect to change their name) that honor famous cartoon dogs.

The pups, when they were six weeks old, all passed their first veterinary health examinations and received their first vaccinations at the Vestal Animal Hospital on November 13th. Here's Grommet in the sheltering arms of Dr. Diane C. Wittner.

Dr. Wittner with Grommet

Grimmy on a piddle pad

And so puppy socialization and training never stops. Here's Grimmy (left) on a piddle pad in the vet's office.

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