Tarika Blaze's Alika Cotons Litter

Tarika Blaze is a fine example of a Black & White Coton de Tulear

Black & White "Blazie," as we call her affectionately, was mated with our handsome, intelligent stud Coton, Tri-color Alika's Rossy of Crabapple Crossings. Blazie easily whelped four pups on Wednesday, September 24th:

  • 10:14AM - Fuzz, a White male, 5.8 oz
  • 10:26AM - Odie, a Tri-color male, 6.6 oz
  • 10:47AM - Pancho, a Black & White male, 6.3 oz
  • 11:15AM - Snoopy, a Black & White male, 6.8 oz

Once again, all pups here were given preliminary names (their new owners may elect to change their name) that honor famous cartoon dogs.

Here are two very unusual, intimate photos of a pup (Pancho) being born:

Poncho in amniotic sac. Picture 1

Poncho free of sac. Picture 2

You can see Blaze's nose on Pancho's belly (Picture 2, immediately above). Actually, she is using her teeth to clamp off the umbilical cord and sever it cleanly, freeing Pancho forever from his placenta. Life in the real world begins! To see more of Blaze's litter, please click on the spear tip below.

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